Saturday, January 23, 2010

Down on the Farm

Just to give you an idea of how not big our garden is, here's a photo.

This is from December 2008 showing what was going on back then. Clockwise from bottom left: random flowers, sweet corn, tomatoes against the house, wire potato silos, dead lychee tree, leeks along the fence, zucchini, dill and parsley (top right), carrots and snapdragons, and dwarf and climbing beans (centre).

We got heaps of beans, tomatoes, parsley and corn. I haven't staked corn in the past, but it can get a bit windy in this garden. I looked out one day and they looked like they were about to be uprooted. So I staked them all with bamboo. It seemed to help.

I planted the potatoes way too late (November) and probably got fewer than I planted.

The carrots were excellent, although we got a few mutant ones. They still tasted nice.

Zucchini numbers were a little disappointing.We needn't have worried though, I'll explain later when I write about zucchinis..

Leeks didn't do that well, probably not enough sun and poor drainage in that bed.

Dill grew quickly giving us more than we knew what to do with, but went to seed soon afterwards.

Finally, the obligatory produce shot:


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