Saturday, September 18, 2010

One Week at a Time

It's been a busy week, unfortunately not in the garden. It was so busy that I never found the time to post some photos I took last weekend. But never mind, because I thought it's be neat to compare them with this weekend's photos to get an idea of how quickly things are moving along. So here they are..

Here's my army of pea seedlings from last weekend..

..and this weekend. Soon they shall be ready for battle! I mean, making peas.

The apple trees continue to awake from their Winter slumber with new leaves and blossoms.

The Granny Smith from last weekend.
And the same branch today. Pretty!
The potato plants also seem to have doubled in size, thanks to a little rain and a lot of sunshine.
Happy potatoes. Note the amount of visible dirt.
Very happy potatoes. Not much dirt to be seen.
You might have also noticed a couple of volunteer coriander plants in with the potatoes. They're doing fine and welcome to stay as far as I'm concerned. The main coriander patch is now flowering and going to seed but looks great. See random coriander shot below:
Coriander is pretty enough to put in a vase. Which we did.
 Anyway, that's about all for now. But just because I like them, here are few more pics of apple blossoms. This time on the Pink Lady tree:
Pink Lady blossom

More Pink Lady blossoms. Just because they're nice.

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