Monday, July 4, 2011

Peas on Earth

It's far too hot here in Summer to grow peas. The plants go brown and crunchy. But this time of year they thrive, providing some spectacular colour splashes in an otherwise monochromic green Winter garden.
Pea Flower
Lately we've had a few periods of much rain followed by lots of sun, so the pea plants have reached the top of their trellis and are continuing upwards in an apparent attempt to reach the overhead power lines. And despite these exertions they're now popping out purple flowers followed by golden pea pods.
More Pea Flowers
 I planted two varieties, alternating between our favourite Purple Podded Dutch and Golden Podded peas, or at least I think I did. Perhaps I mixed them up because all the plants bar one with pods on them are the golden variety. Perhaps the purple ones will appear later.
..and a Pod
 In any case, the peas look great when the sun's out. And when it's not.
Pea plants discuss the events of the day

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  1. I love the pretty flowers! And I'm so jealous of your heat in summer! And I thought the last caption was very funny :p