Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Path! A Path!

The path is finished, in so much as the brick border is done. The actual surface material has yet to be determined, right now it's hard (when dry) or sticky (when wet) clay. I'm thinking straw, sawdust, bark or gravel. Gravel is maybe a bit permanent and hard to get rid of for my liking, at least the others will rot down eventually on their own.

Also, being clay underneath means it doesn't drain very quickly. If it turns out to be a problem I can always dig a channel along its length and put some ag-pipe and gravel in it. We've had a few heavy showers lately and so far so good. At the moment it ends quite abruptly, which was done just to see what it looked like. I'll probably change that to make it blend slowly into the garden bed, maybe with a few stepping stones.

Now I have to find somewhere to stick the excess bricks and building rubble. Under the house maybe...

In other news our seed potatoes arrived yesterday! So exciting! This year we're planting King Edward and Royal Blue varieties. Yes, I know a parcel full of potatoes may not excite everyone but think of it this way:

1 potato + good growing conditions = 10 potatoes

That's a lot of yummy roast, boiled or mashed potatoes.

And chippies! Think of all the chippies...

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