Sunday, August 15, 2010


Having spent most of Saturday and an hour or so today moving rubble, redistributing soil and weeding, I finally got the chance today to PLANT SOMETHING! Spuds!

 This year's varieties are Royal Blue and King Edward. After a busy weekend I managed to get them in the ground just as it was getting dark.

Here are the seed potatoes snuggled up in their bed. They should do well in this spot if the amount of weeds that previously grew here is anything to go by. They're planted about 10cm deep and 30cm apart in trenches. A bag of cow manure was mixed in, followed by a sprinkling of blood & bone for good measure. As the plants come up I'll back fill the trenches to produce more tubers and make sure they're all covered up and don't go green.

Factoid of the day: Every part of the potato plant, except for non-green tubers, is toxic.

Hopefully, come November, there'll be more potatoes than I started with.

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  1. YUM! We got some fresh spuds from Mum & Dad the last time we were down there, and they are SO GOOD!